FAOとはFood and Agriculture Organizationの略で、「国連食糧農業機関」(正式名称は、Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)のことで、英語タイトルのFAO: ONE IN NINE PEOPLE HUNGRYは「国連食糧農業機関(の発表):9人に1人が空腹」、つまり「国連食糧農業機関の発表によれば、世界の人口の9人に1人が十分に食べられないでいる」という意味です。


Officials with the UN food agency have looked at how many people around the world are going hungry. They say the numbers are down, but one out of nine people still do not get enough to eat.
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization issued the findings in an annual report. It says more than 800 million people worldwide are chronically undernourished, but the number of those going hungry has fallen by more than 100 million over the last decade. The agency credits improvements in Latin America and other places.
Officials say parts of Africa have lagged because of conflicts and natural disasters. They say in sub-Saharan Africa, more than 25 percent of the population suffers from hunger, and they warn of a threat to food security in some areas. They blame the Ebola outbreak in western Africa and military conflicts in the Middle East.
UN officials are aiming to cut the number of undernourished people in half by next year, compared to 25 years earlier. Officials say that goal is within reach if world leaders do more to battle hunger.