How NHK Handles Personal Information

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Mail Form for Feedback and Inquiries Concerning NHK’s Programs

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  1. Insert your e-mail address and message or inquiry in the boxes provided. These are necessary items. Please write your message in English.
  2. For an inquiry about an NHK program, please make sure that you select a prefecture from the drop-down menu. Program options vary depending on region.
  3. Please understand that it is not possible to respond to every message or inquiry and responses may take some time.
  4. Responses sent by NHK are intended strictly for the addressee only and their transfer to third parties or secondary use is strictly prohibited.
  5. NHK reserves the right to introduce your message etc. on this website.
  6. Messages and user information received may be used for statistical purposes to help improve the quality of broadcasts.
  7. For full information about how NHK handles personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy on this website.
  8. Click here for NHK Online’s policy for handling user information.
  9. In order to respond appropriately to inquiries concerning the Internet environment, NHK reserves the right to acquire the user’s user agent and IP address. This information will only be used for the purpose of responding to inquiries.
  10. We don't accept questions on Receiving Fees via this form.
    Please refer to the Receiving Fees on this website.
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